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Featured Speakers:

Tulay McNally
Director of Studio Development QA and Quality Engineering Department, BioWare

Jeff Wilkerson
Director of Global FPQA
Sony Computer Entertainment America

Mario Vasquez
Head of WW QA Operations
Electronic Arts

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Game QA & Localization 2013: San Francisco

The only dedicated networking & idea exchange for the game QA and localization communities

With the increased proliferation of game-capable devices, higher population of gamers and more demanding consumers, Quality Assurance and localization - nay, culturalization, even - have never been more important in the gaming industry.

Whether it be for console, PC, mobile, online or social, the playability and game experience can now define a game's success - or failure. Large developers may take a hit in revenue and/or reputation, but for small-to-mid-sized studios it can be make-or-break.

In June 2013, the first ever Game QA & Localisation Forum hit London, and more then 120 senior QA and localisation professionals from developers, publishers and 3rd party suppliers of all sizes & platforms came to learn, benchmark and network. 

An irrefutable success and truly unique event in Europe, Gaming IQ are now very excited to be bringing the QA and Localization Forum to the US this holiday period.

Taking place in San Francisco on December 10-11  2013, the forum will bring together QA and Localisation Managers, Directors and VPs from game developers around the world to discuss some of the key challenges faced on a daily basis.

  • Automation - how to automate testing, assimilate it into your existing strategy and when to use it
  • Work more effectively with the development team to improve game quality and playability earlier in the development process - the need for embedded qa
  • Utilize more advanced user feedback, analytics and telemetry to improve game quality
  • Develop best practices for test plans, qa budgeting and strategy
  • Selecting the right technology tools and outsourced solutions for your qa
  • Working on different platforms - the minefield of platform-specific requirements
  • Establishing a clear qa career path and team structure to encourage internal asset retention and development

See you in San Francisco this December!

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“Valuable - it was good to catch up with peers in the industry and find out what was going on other studios/publishers”
“It's been great to get other people's perspectives and agree upon what our biggest issues are in the industry”
Every talk - I took something away from. Every talk - helped me think again. Superb
I really enjoyed this event. For me it was really interesting meeting all the different people that are in QC for such a long time

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